Wireless Doorbell Button/Emergency Button
This based on ZigBee/SmartRoomtechonlogy. When someone presses the doorbell button, you smart phones will receive messages wherever you are so that you won’t miss any visitors.
When it is treated as emergency button, the elder or children can take it with a ling.
Alerts can be triggered once the emergency button is pressed and family members can receive messages from smart phones, and deal with emergency in the first time to save life and protect home security.The application range of this product is very wide. It can be used in smart home as well as smart architecture, smart hospital, and smart home.


Wireless Temperature & Humidity Detector
Wireless Temperature & Humidity Detector is used for detecting temperature and humidity in the air and send detecting data to the control canter automatically through ZigBeeprotocol.The special ceiling mounted design can save space and merge with surrounding house layout. In addition to smart home,
It can be widely used in residential zone, office, hospital, agriculture plant as well as botanic garden.


Wireless IR Motion Detector
Wireless IR Motion Detector is a new product based on ZigBee/SmartRoom standard design. Within effective detection area, when someone breaks in illegally, Wireless PIR Motion Sensor will send out wireless alarm messages to the house owner, and it will trigger other warning devices such as Wireless Sound & Light Alarm.


Wireless Flammable Gas Detector
Wireless Flammable Gas Detector is a new product based on the ZigBee protocol. It is used to detect the flammable gas concentration in the air, and it will send warning messages to your smart phones as well as local alarms when the Gas Detector detects that the gas concentration is higher than the value what you have set. Meanwhile, it can link the Gas Valve to be closed and Window Operator to be opened to cut off the gas and clear up the gas left in the air. With its high security and stability, Wireless Flammable Gas Detector can avoid false alerts.


Wall Emergency Button
Wall Emergency Button has emergency alarm triggering function which can help you to call for help at the crucial moment. Based on ZigBee/SmartRoom, it is no wire and is convenient to use.
For example, when the old and children are alone at home, they can press the button to alarm in case of emergency. And their family will receive the message through the smart phone or ipad, and deal with it immediately.In addition to the smart home automation system, it can also be applied in systems like monitoring system, intelligent hospital, wisdom hotel and intelligent building.


Wireless Sound & Light Alarm
Based on SmartRoom technology, Wireless Sound & Light Alarm co-works with other security protection devices in case of emergency. It works as a siren. The red light area flashes and sound alert area will be triggered when there is abnormal situation. Meanwhile, your mobile smart terminals will receive warning messages to improve your home security to maximum extent.


Wireless Smoke (Fire) Detector
Based on ZigBee/SmartRoom wireless technology, Wireless Smoke (Fire) Detector is mainly used to detect the smoke concentration in the air and send alarm signals to the smart mobile terminals via ZigBee network when the smoke concentration is higher than default value. Meanwhile, it can connect Wireless Water Valve, Wireless Window Operator and Electric Fan to avoid fire disaster or prevent further danger.


Wireless Doorbell Sounder
Wireless Doorbell is based on SmartRoom technology. When there are visitors, you will receive messages once the visitors have pressed the doorbell button and you can check from the Wireless Cloud camera to see and talk with your visitors. And you can also open the Wireless Smart Lock for your visitors via mobile smart terminals.


Wireless Door/Window Contact c Detector
With delicate design, wireless transmission, and easy installation, Wireless Door/Window contact Sensor will send out warning signals to your mobile smart terminals and trigger related warning devices (Siren) when door or window is opened illegally, so as to protect your home security all the time.
Smart Switch(Embedded Type,8A)
Wireless Smart Switch (Embedded Type, 8A) is a new communication device based on ZigBee / SmartRoom protocol. You can control the switch remotely via smart mobile terminals, and can realize timing control to turn lights on/off at the time you have set. Meanwhile, it integrates with home decoration perfectly(no need to change Your Existing Switches), and also brings a smart life.


Wireless Touch Curtain Controller
Wireless Touch Curtain Controller is a new product based on ZigBee/SmartRoom protocol. It is mainly used to turn on/off the curtain. Except for manual operation, users also can control the curtain remotely through mobile terminals anytime and anywhere.


Knob Curtain Controller(Two-way)
Knob Curtain Controller is a device based on ZigBee/SmartRoom protocol.
Through turning knob,user can control the range of curtain being opened or closed.
Apart from manual control, users can control curtain remotely via mobile terminals,and it can link with sensors to realize automated on/off according to environment changes.


Smart Internet Lock

Introduction and Features:

Niche  smart lock, is the most economical way to provide secure and convenient control of your deadbolt door lock. You can unlock the door by launching the

  • Near Field Unlock Function,
  • Triggering the Touch Unlock Function by specific touch method*,            or
  • Simply accessing to the App for App Unlock.

It allows you to grant or revoke access to access to a third party’ smartphone by secure email. This virtual key cannot be duplicated or transferred to other devices. Key Fob is included for non-smartphone family members. The NICHE lock comes with advanced and easy to install ‘deadbolt lock replacement kits’ and powerful free‘ Mobile App’.

* Touch the Keyway (Center Key metal) and Key house (External Metal) at same time.

In addition, you can assign a temporary authority for your friends to visit your house without giving them the real physical keys.

  1. Niche lock Smart Lock contains 40 sets of unique ID keys:

1set of Administrator eKey, which can assign 2 sets of 2  Master eKeys,

7 sets of User eKeys and 12 sets of Visitor (temporary)eKeys.

Each master eKey can assign 6 sets of visitor (temporary) eKeys.

Administrator eKey, Master eKeys and User eKeys are available permanently and have unlimited usages.

The administrator can grant / revoke the authorization of all eKeys. For the Visitor (Temporary) eKeys can be assign / withdraw to weeks, hours and minutes by Admin / Master.

Visitor (temporary)  eKeys can be assigned with expiration dates via email. Each eKey will be deleted automatically from the Niche lock system when it is expired.

Six set of Keyfobs, which does not have expiration dates and working distance is around 5 meters. (Each package contains only one key fob. Additional fobs are optional items)

2.There is a unique ID code for each Niche Lock Key, which cannot be duplicated or transferred. Each eKey can only be registered once to the APP .Only Administrator and Masters can issue shared eKey to a guest.

3.Niche lock equips with the most advanced technology of “Lock Replacement Set” for easy installation, the unique free APP as well as safe and easy-to-use key fob